Chest Exercises to build your muscles

Chest Exercises to build your muscles

Chest exercises are among the most vital if you want to get the perfect body. To strengthen the chest muscles, focus on doing chest enhancing workouts using the correct workout techniques. Workouts that define and shape the chest help you look your best at the gym or beach. They may also help you do a variety of everyday tasks such as pushing or lifting objects. Working out your chest means working out pectoral muscles also called pecs.  While the pectoral muscles are the biggest muscles in your chest.  So, here are the Best Chest Exercises for building muscle size and strength.

Chest Exercises that build your muscles

Push ups:
Chest Exercises to build your muscles

Push ups are the best chest workouts for building your upper chest muscles. There are many push ups variations that you can perform. Keeping the arms broad and bringing the chest down while keeping your hip a little up is the great way to work your chest.

Bench Press
Chest Exercises to build your muscles

The barbell bench press is one of the great chest exercises.  Apart from providing proper shape to your chest, the barbell bench press works to strengthen your shoulder muscles as well.

Lie on the bench with your leg tightly on the floor and the back flat.  Take hold of the barbell with palms forward and thumbs enfolded around the bar. Move the bar into beginning position with assist from a spotter if required.  Place the bar over the upper chest or chin and keeping the wrists and elbow straight.  Breathe in and lower the bar gradually until it touches the chest below the armpits. As you flare, lower the elbows out slightly. Then, breathe out and press the bar up, keeping the back flat and wrists straight.

Incline Dumbbell Press
Chest Exercises to build your muscles

The barbell bench press works best for lower pectoral muscle, but if you wish to hit the upper pectoral muscle, you will need to do an incline dumbbell press.

Take a dumbbell in hands and lie back on the bench, feet tightly on the ground. Then lift dumbbells and hold them at width of shoulder. Once you have the dumbbells lifted to the shoulder width, rotate the wrists forward as a result that the palms of the hands are facing away from you.  Then breathe out and push the dumbbells up with the chest. Lock the arms at the top and hold for about few seconds and then start lowering the weight.

Cable crossover
Chest Exercises to build your muscles

Cable crossover is a best chest exercises as it stretches the pectoral muscle from the begin position, hitting the outer pectoral muscle fiber.

Put the pulleys on the required position. Then pick the resistance to be used and hold pulleys in both hands.  Move forward in front of an invented straight line between the both pulleys whereas pulling the arms jointly in front of you.  Your chest must have a little forward bend from your waist.  With a small bend on the elbows, make bigger the arms to the side in a wide arc until you feel a stretch on the chest. Return the arms back to the beginning position as you exhale.

Pec Deck Chest Workout
Chest Exercises to build your muscles

Single joint workouts like the pec deck flye are frequently performed after the heavy multi joint workouts in the chest routine. The benefit of pec deck chest exercise is that it allows you to beat your outer and inner chest fibers with accuracy.

Sit down on the machine with the back level on the pad. Then, grasp the handles. Your upper arms must be placed parallel to the ground.  Take the handles together as you press the chest in the middle. Hold the tightening for about few second. Then return back to the beginning position.

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