How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife
How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife

How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife?

Nowadays, a tactical knife has become a part of our daily life of indoor or outdoor task and become an arsenal of a survivalist. Basically, the tactical knife is a knife that meets military specification or to operate in any stringent conditions or to fulfill a particular need. Those requirements can extend from opening a box, using as a tool, cutting a cable or wood or to protecting yourself in any close-quarter combat. But as long as it is designed to meet the mil-spec for toughness and reliability, it’s a tactical knife. So read all about How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife for a smarter buy.

What is the Purpose of Your Best Tactical Knife?

Now, the question is, for what purpose will you be using the tactical knife? In extreme situation, a tactical knife can make a difference between death and life. So it is important to make sure that you are using the best tactical knife. So let’s take a look at some different characteristics that need to be considered before you spend your money.

Best Size for Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife
How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife

First of all, you need to know the ideal size for a tactical knife. Generally, there are two types of tactical knife mostly popular among the people. They are the fixed blade knife and the folding knife. For fixed blade knife, the ideal size is 9-12 inches were 4-6 inches ergonomic handle and 6-8 inches sharp blade.

Best Size for Tactical Folding Knife

But if you want to carry it in your pocket, fixed blade is not best for you. In that case, you need to choose the tactical folding knife. Also, it has to be a perfect size such you can feel comfortable while carrying or using it. A tactical EDC knife with a blade 3-4 inches long and an overall length of 7-9 inches is the perfect and ideal size for all level of users.

What Is The Best Component For Tactical Knife Blade and Handle?

How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife
How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife

The Handle:

The second part you have to consider is materials. Typically, you should look for such a knife with the best quality blade, composite handle, and a sheath or clip. Let’s start with the handle. The handle is the most important feature of a knife and how it fits in your hand is important too.

It should be neither heavy nor light rather it should be ergonomic with finger groves, non-slip grip and comfortable while using it. Generally, a handle is made of G10, Leather, Aluminum, Bone, Celluloid, Molded hard Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Wood. In this case, high-quality G10, Leather, Aluminum and Molded firm Plastic hand are best for all type of tactical fixed and folding blade knives. Those are light weight and easy to use.

Whatever it is made of, the fact is you always want a handle that is stable and does not absorb moisture. Handles, made of wood, bone or ivory, absorb moisture and they are not stable. Nowadays, with the technology of composite and polymer, you can rely on reputable companies having good handles that could last forever.

The Blade:

On the other hand, the blade is the most important and useable part of a knife. So you have to keep an in-depth knowledge about the blade core component. When we are talking about blade element, it is said that the best of best is Damascus Steel. It is reputable for both its durability and sharpness. But, it is costly and not available widely. Also, knife makers use AUS8, Cr17 High Carbon, Sandvik 14C28Nm. Those are famous for their best performance in different circumstances.

Choose a perfect Blade Design according to your Purpose

Finally, you need to know about the best style of tactical folding knife’s blade and handle which is one of the most important things. A good tactical knife should always have a sharp and sturdy cutting point and an edge. The knife can be use to pick a hole, poke at the wood, and stab an attacker or animal. To cut through the clothing and leather, the cutting edge should be sharp. The best tactical knife should always have a serrated edge for preventing it from dulling.

Choose an Ergonomics Handle Design

In addition, handles should not be slippery, and that fits snuggly. Besides, it should keep in mind that it does not crack or tear under pressure. Wooden handles, horn handles, bone handles, etc. are common in the market at present. But they absorb oil, sweat, gasoline, water, etc. The solution is Composite handles. Composite handles are familiar to most of the knives. They are ergonomically designe to feel comfort in your hand and do not absorb any of these.

What you should choose – Tactical Fixed Blade Knife or Folding Knife?

How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife
How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife

Now question is, what should you chose between fixed and fold. Actually, it depends on what purpose are you going to use a knife for? Fixed blades are stronger than folding. But fixed blade cannot be carry. An aviation cop would prefer robust and big fixed blade where an ordinary police would prefer a folding knife. It depends on your purpose of use.

Safety Features of a Best Tactical Folding Knife

The last part is safety features. Folding blades have different types of lock for security. Lock back, ARC lock, bearing lock, compression lock is common locks for safety. But never trust on cheap (Under $30) knife lock. Those lock mentioned above are good but none infallible. But good companies have a better lock as always. Try to choose these best brands for your best tactical knife Ka-Bar, Kershaw, Spyderco, Cold Steel, Zero Tolerance, Buck Knives, Gerber, and SOG.

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