Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Dengue fever is a disease commonly developed by the mosquito called the Aedes aegypti and caused mostly by one of the four dengue viruses. However, once you have had the dengue, you develop an immune system that fights it for lifetime. But, you can still be infected by the other three viruses. It is also equally possible that a person gets infected by all the four dengue viruses in a lifetime. The same viruses that cause yellow fever and West Nile virus infection are responsible for the dengue fever too. Now this was all about the dengue fever and how it occurs. We will know all about the Dengue fever Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment.

There are approximately 400 million cases of dengue fever that occurs around the world every single year. The regions that are highly affected are the tropical regions having high range of mosquitoes and insects. Therefore let us know about the Regions with High Risk of Dengue Fever:

  • Central America
  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • Pacific islands
  • South America (excluding chile, Paraguay and Virginia)
  • Southern China
  • Southeast Asia
  • Taiwan
  • And also the northern parts of Australia

However, only some cases occur in the U.S. And if it affected any individual particularly, it must be by travelling abroad. But Texas shares the threat as it shares a border with Mexico. The fever is usually transmitted through the bite of the mosquito which has the dengue virus. And in no case the person-to-person transmission occurs.

Dengue Fever Symptoms

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Let us know about the symptoms of dengue fever. If you come in contact with the dengue virus, the usual symptoms commonly begin about four to seven days after the infection is contracted. In majority of the situations, the symptoms are mild to start with. In fact, you can easily get confused and think if it’s flu or an infection. The symptoms can last for about 10 days and the general dengue fever symptoms are:

  • High or sudden fever that goes up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Severe headache
  • Intense joint and muscular pains
  • Skin rashes appearing 2-5 days after the initial fever
  • Mild to severe nausea and vomiting
  • Bleeding from nose of gums
  • Mild bruises on the skin
  • Fever fits/seizure/febrile convulsions

Dengue Fever Causes

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

As mention above, the dengue fever is a cause of one out of the four viruses. Once you have dengue, it prevents you and builds immunity to stay away from it for a lifetime. However it may happen that you get the three other viruses too. The cause of dengue is very simple and straight. When a mosquito bites a patient suffering from dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito too. And later when the mosquito bites some other person, that virus enters in the particular person’s bloodstream.

Even though it mostly occurs only one time, it can get serious with the cause of developing severe dengue fever which is also hemorrhagic fever. The things can get serious with its development and can also increase the chances of happening if it is affecting you for the second, third or even fourth time. Therefore the diagnosis should be immediate and it should not be taken lightly.

Dengue Fever Diagnosis

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

The diagnosis of the dengue fever infection is check with the help of blood test. The blood test checks whether the blood has any virus or antibodies in it. The main thing is if you travel at a tropical place and become sick, your first priority should be getting to your doctor. This can give your doctor enough time to know about the possibility if your symptoms were the cause of a dengue infection. You should not wait for it to get serious and you must remember that.

Once you are diagnose and clean, there is not much to worry about. However if the diagnosis does show that you have dengue, you should immediately move on for the treatment of the dengue fever.

Dengue Fever Treatment

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

However, there is no specific medication or treatment to cure the dengue infection. But if you think that you may have the fever, you can use pain killers with contains acetaminophen. You must avoid medicines that contain aspirin which can even worse the bleeding. Other thing that you should do is to have plenty of rest, drink fluids and see your doctor. When after the first 24 hours your fever goes down and you still feel worse, rush to the hospital immediately and check for complications.

Although there is no treatment specified for the dengue fever, however there are many ways to prevent it from the formation or rather entering in your body. One of the important thing therefore to learn about dengue fever is how to prevent and protect it from happening.

Prevention of Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatment

When we talk about prevention of the fever, it doesn’t necessary mean the vaccinations. There are no vaccines for it whatsoever. However it means that build your system and habits in such a way that it prevents any mosquito bites, particularly when you are living abroad or in tropical regions. This means that you minimize the population of mosquitoes as much as you can. So to protect yourself:

  • Stay as far as you can from heavily populated residential areas if available.
  • Always make sure to use mosquito repellents even when you are indoors.
  • While going outdoors, wear the full or long sleeve clothes and long pants tucked till the socks.
  • During at home, you can also use air conditioners and that will also be helpful for preventing dengue fever.
  • The windows and door screens should secure properly and there should be no holes in it. If the place that you sleep isn’t secure or there is no AC you must use mosquito net.

These are some of the ways to properly prevent you against the heavily prevailing dengue fever and its symptoms. If you feel that something or some sign is not right in your health, you must visit your doctor and check for any unnecessary virus you may have encountered. Only then can you know all about the ways to fight against it. The season of monsoon is very deadly as the numbers of mosquitoes are in high number.

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