Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments

Diabetes is one of the widely ranging diseases that are affecting a large number of populations. So, Diabetes is a chronic situation usually associate with the high levels of glucose and sugar present in the blood. Our pancreas produces the insulin which subsequently lowers our blood glucose. However this insufficient and absence of insulin production causes diabetes. Even the body’s inability to use the produced insulin is the cause of the diabetes. Here we therefore discuss further all about the Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments.

Here we discussed briefly about what is diabetes and we would further discuss as to what causes diabetes, what are the symptoms that you should be looking for in diabetes, and the treatment for the diabetes patients. First, let us know more about diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

 There are two types of diabetes basically known as Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. They are also known formerly as insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Other names for this are also juvenile onset and adult onset diabetes. The glucose levels present are normally controlled by a hormone produce by the pancreas, insulin. It also normalises the glucose levels by promoting the intake of glucose into body.

Chronic condition is what diabetes is because it can be in control but stays with you for lifetime. All around the world 29.1 million populations suffers from it which means that the total of 9.3% population is suffering. If proper care is not provided, than it can also lead to blindness, nerve damage and kidney failure. So let us know about the Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments.

Warning Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Warning signs also refers to the early signs of diabetes. This means, you should be looking for these signs. In case you are assuming or wondering even you might be suffering from diabetes. However it cannot prove which type one might have, but can give a fair idea about the presence of diabetes in general. Here below we present the Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatment, but first the warning signs of diabetes.

  • The warning signs of diabetes relates to the levels of blood sugar. The loss of glucose can occur therefore through your urine. Due to this there may be frequent urination and hence dehydration.
  • Dehydration equally refers to the thirst pangs that you can feel very much. Therefore more the loss of glucose, more the thirst and hence more the thirst and dehydration.
  • Weight loss can also be seen because of the prominent insulin deficiency.
  • Even though you go through weight loss, it is not because of less food. In fact diabetes also increases pangs of hunger which make you eat more yet makes you lose weight.
  • Issue of fatigue is also a prominent warning signs of early diabetes.
  • Along with fatigue, nausea and vomiting can also help you to identify the early warning signs of diabetes.
  • Diabetes also invites many infections that can really affect your health in a long run.
  • Blurred vision is also caused due to the constant fluctuation in the blood sugar levels.
  • Lethargy is also a warning sign of diabetes which occurs when the sugar levels are extremely elevated. It can also result into coma so you should always be aware of it.

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments: There can be various causes related to the problem of diabetes. Let us know the most prominent Diabetes Causes. Insufficient insulin production, production of defective insulin and the inability of cells to function the insulin properly leads to hyperglycemia and diabetes. It is a condition which can affect to the muscles’ cells and also the fat tissue. This is a situation which is a result of insulin resistance occurring in type 2 diabetes.

The absence of enough insulin in the absolute condition affects the insulin cells in your pancreas. This is type 1 diabetes and its main disorder. In this type of diabetes has a steady decline of beta cells which are responsible for diabetes that causes the elevation in blood sugar.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments:There can be various symptoms and signs of diabetes which can vary from person to person and more generally to the type of diabetes that they refer to. However some of the most experienced Diabetes Symptoms are:

  • Frequent Urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Hunger pangs
  • Respiratory problems
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Stupor
  • Tingling or numbness in the feet or/and hands
  • Soreness that doesn’t heal
  • Genital thrush and itching
  • Weakness
  • Increased urination specially in night
  • More time to heal any wounds or cuts
  • Totally unexpected and unexplained weight loss

The symptoms regarding the type 1 diabetes can start quite early and in time on 1-2 weeks. However the symptoms of type 2 diabetes can start relatively slower. They can relatively be so mild and regular that you may not notice anything amiss at all.

Among these symptoms mention above the weight loss, nausea, stupor, vomiting, abdominal pain and such are more of the Type 1 diabetes symptoms. The type 2 diabetes symptoms include all the symptoms mention above even those which relates to the type 1. But as mention before it can be really long before they are visible in the patients in type 2.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments:Now that we know what the Diabetes Symptoms Causes are, you should also know about the types of diabetes that are majorly found. From the above mention information you can already know that there are two type of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Prediabetes is another type of diabetes which occurs mostly when the diabetes is just regulated and there is no conclusion as to what type it is. The major types of diabetes are:

Type 1 Diabetes:

It is a type of diabetes where your body cannot produce enough insulin therefore it is also insulin dependent diabetes aka juvenile diabetes. Therefore the type 1 diabetes usually occurs and develops before the person reaches the age of 40. The person with diabetes 1 has the threat of taking regular insulin injections.

Type 2 Diabetes:

Here in this type the body doesn’t produce enough insulin. There are many symptoms of type 2 diabetes in many ways such as by losing weight, a healthy diet, monitoring blood glucose levels and with regular exercise. Compared to type 1, type 2 diabetes is quite of a progressive disease for that matter. That is why the risk of such type increases with your age.

Gestational Diabetes:

This is a type of diabetes which affects the women mainly during pregnancy period. There are many women who have high levels of glucose in their blood and are hence unable to produce much insulin. Therefore it is resulting in rising of glucose. However it can control with proper balance diet and regular exercise. It should be checked regularly because the controlling or unawareness of it can cause serious complications during child birth.

Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com
Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments carebaba.com

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments: All the treatment possess of different plans for each patient. It is because the various factors are take into account as well as the type of diabetes along with the patient’s condition and age. In fact the various treatments for diabetes can also result on the basis of someone’s diet routine, exercises and stress levels. And it is not guarantee to be short term but it can be as long as you need to control your diabetes. These diabetes treatments are put together on the basis of individual differences subject to the problem.

Balanced Diabetes Treatments

There are various factors that undergo to form one suitable treatment for all the diabetes patients out there. But the importance of co-ordinate and balance diabetes treatment should never be consider any less. The regular and successful treatments decrease the risk of patients developing diabetes complications. This treatment is further broke down into parts for each type of individual.

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

This treatment and type refers to the daily dosage. It thus requires strict routine that is very calculate diet, multiple daily insulin injections, planning of physical activity and multiple home glucose tests every day. This is basically what the treatments of type 1 diabetes ask for control.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

The Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes includes typically the control in diet, complete exercise, testing of blood glucose levels at home. And in some cases it can also include oral medication or/and insulin. However about 40% of the patients suffering from type 2 needs the insulin injections. However as mention beforehand, the requirement of treatment and its type varies from each individual to other. You should always depend on your doctors’ opinion as to what to eat and what exercise to perform.

Here therefore we mention everything we can about the Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments, along with warning signs of diabetes and types of diabetes. You can share this information to whoever may be in need.

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