Female condom

Female Condom

Generally all heard the word Condom. Condom is normally act as a birth control while having sex.You using condom we stop to transmit the sexual transmitted diseases like, AIDS/HIV.So,we all aware about the men condom and of course you use it at least once in life. Do you there are two types of Condom? Yes, it is true. Condom for Men as well as Condom for Women. Condom is also comes in various flavours as well as different colours. We all know how to use men condom but do you know how to use female condom? A condom for female is also helpful to stop the sexual transmitted Disease (STDs) like AIDS/HIV as well as reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy.

Here we give the information about Female condom and how to use this condom? It is easily available at medical store and the cost of it’s about to 4$.So, let’s have a look….

Female Condom (What is it?):

Female condom

It is just like a men condom and it also use to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. It is soft,loose-fiiting cover and thin which has bendable ring both the side.This condoms comes in various size and generally all women choose normal size condom. A large condom is generally use by those women who recently give a birth. The inner ring at closed end of the cover is use to insert the condom inside vagina.This outer ring at open end stay outside the vagina.

Working Female Condom:
Female condom

Female condom create layer inside the vagina and prevents unwanted pregnancy. While having sex it gathers sperm. With the help of this the sperm do not allow to enter in vagina.That’s why the man sperm cannot join with the egg and pregnancy is not occurring. It also covers the vagina from inside and that’s why the risk of HIV/AIDS may be reduced.

How to use Female Condom??

We all do not aware about this condom. But by awareness and use it is very easy to all women. By follow the below given steps you can easily use this condom.

  • First of all take a condom packet and open it.
  • After that select your favourite sex position (either you can stand by one leg or you can sit on chair or lay down)
  • Then push the inner ring inside vagina.
  • After that push the ring in vagina as far as possible.
  • Now pull out your finger very slowly and leave the remaining outer ring outside the vagina.
How to remove this condom:
Female condom
  • First of all press and bend the outer ring to keep sperm inside the pouch.
  • After that slowly remove it from your vagina.
  • At last throw it and remember do not reuse it.
Female Condom Advantages:

This condom is very suitable, safe and simple for both women and men. And of course they like this condom for below given reasons:

Female condom
  • As we all know it helps to reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It helps to get better sex.
  • This condom is easily available at supermarket as well as drugstore.
  • One of the best advantages is that it is not harm on women’s natural hormone.
  • It does not need any prescription.
  • This condom is use with both oil as well as water based lubricant.
  • It is also inserted by your partner as a part of foreplay.
Female Condom Disadvantages:
Female condom
  • Inspite of many advantages this has many disadvantages also. And it is given as below:
  • Many women find this difficultly for entering and removing this condom.
  • Sometimes it creates irritation of penis or vagina.
  • This condom is not as very effective like a male condom.
  • It is very expensive because its stock is limited.
  • Chances to slip this condom into vagina while sex.

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