Health Mistake that everyone make

10 Common Health Mistakes that everyone make

You don’t found just one single person who doesn’t wants to stay fit and healthy. But, due to days busy lifestyle, all most all make the common Health mistake. You must consume some healthy food at proper time, practice daily workout and must follow the healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and fit in today’s busy lifestyle. In fact, due to busy schedule people don’t have time to notice those silly mistakes.

Health mistake people make every day include too much smoking, consuming fast food, drink excessive alcohol, improper sleeping, avoid regular urination, drink extreme coffee and tea, avoid food, consume less protein, have sex without protection with more than one partner, avoid food with healthy fat, poor sitting position on workplace, bottling up stress, avoid breakfast, not drinking proper amount of water and avoid gym activities and workout also. But below we only provide the Top 10 Health mistake you must avoid

10 life threating health mistake you every day

Avoid food or not eat proper food

health mistakes that everyone make

Generally people may make this health mistake by avoiding food. Skipping food can trim down metabolism.  In addition, it also causes weight gain, certain health issue and forces you toward overeating. So, you must eat whole food such nuts, fruits & vegetable, whole grain, seeds and beans also. Those whole foods help to boost digestion system, keep craving of food in control, improve metabolism, boost energy and also maintain your overall health.

Consume food with less protein

health mistakes that everyone make

Protein is very important suppliements to keep your blood sugar in control. Protein is also very helpful to boost your mental health.  In addition, it also helps feel full for long time. It creates lean muscles mass and also helps in weight loss. So, you must add high protein food in your daily diet such as chia seeds, egg, soya, buckwheat, spirulina, soya and other food high in protein also.

But, many make this health mistake that they consume proper food, but they don’t check that it contain good amount of protein or not. So, you must eat food, which contain high amount of protein.

Follow weight lose diet and drink soda

health mistakes that everyone make

Lots of people use some diet plan to lose unwanted weight. But mainly more than 40 % people drink diet soda for many years. It may increase the 40 % of chances to increase the weight. Actually, an artificial sugar can force you toward eat extra sweet.

Cut down your daily workout and gym activity

health mistakes that everyone make

Avoid or reducing your workout and gym activity is also one of biggest Health mistake you take care of that. Everyone must go at least 3 times in gym per week for at least one hour. According to study, people who go to the gym may burn calorie on every week. In fact, those people are generally fit and active. People must go to the gym. However, you have to carte blanche to use remained time and also perform you whole day’s basic activity.  After working in gyms never waste whole time in sofa, which is the biggest health mistake many people make.

Drinking less amount of water

health mistakes that everyone make

Another health mistake is not drinking good amount of water. Drink loss water can trigger dehydration. Dehydration can trigger lots health issue such as mood swings, dry mouth, constipation and fatigue also. So, you must drink good amount of water to make your body healthy and also remove some harmful toxin. In fact, it helps to curb craving and appetite. In addition, it is also beneficial to lose weight. Everybody must drink at least 6 to 8 glass of water every day.

Never eat food containing fat

health mistakes that everyone make

Consuming high amount fat may trigger weight gain. Bit, your body must need some amount of fat for the better function of body. Some amount of healthy fat may provide you needed amount of energy. In fact, it is also beneficial to stay slim and healthy. You must add foods which contain healthy fat such as seeds, nut butter, avocado, olive oil and nuts also. Also, remember that you must avoid oils and animal fat.

Consuming too much tea or coffee

health mistakes that everyone make

If you drink tea or coffee in limited quantity then it is very beneficial for health. But, if you consume too much tea or coffee then it may feel you steady edgy or nervy. Tea or coffees contain high amount caffeine. Too much caffeine in body may raise the heart rate. In fact, it also damages your sleeping patterns. So, consuming high amount coffee or tea will also one worst health mistake that you must avoid.

Believe that low fat food is low in calorie

health mistakes that everyone make

Many from us believed that food with low fat also contain less amount of calorie. However it is not true that low fat food is also low in calorie.  For example, foods contain 20 g of real fat. Now it the levels of fat by reducing 15 g of fat, which mean it, reduce 5 times higher fat than 3 g fat per serving. This is actually known as low fat food. In fact, lots of food may replace through sugar fat product, but this food contain same calorie.

Avoiding regular urination

health mistakes that everyone make

Ignoring regular urination is one of the biggest health mistakes, which made by lots of people. Repetition of urination may count in early symptoms of diabetes. Frequent urination can occur in diabetes because of high level of blood sugar. So, if you suffer from frequent urination and you think that you may have chances of diabetes then must go for check up and ask about it to your doctor. In fact done some test like urine test and check level of blood sugar.

Sex without protection

health mistakes that everyone make

Not all but people may have more than one partner in life. In fact, they also have physical relationship with more than one partner without any types of protection. There are some latest cases of STIs such as syphilis, Chlamydia and also gonorrhoea may raises then the HIV cases are raises. So, physical relationship with more than one partner is the also count as stupid health mistake, with may increase chances of some life threating health issue.

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