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Horoscope 2017 carebaba.com

Horoscope 2017….

“Happy New Year 2017” now we are New Year so here time for us to check for our “kismet” for the year. This horoscope to help you achieve you goal your dreams and give right way in darken time. There are so many problems we faced in our life in realities so from this article of 2017 horoscopes giving you some good advice to brighten your fortune in your way.


There are 12 star signs in horoscope are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces signs. Here we are giving you detail about your career, finance and many others information about all related to your life.

So many people in this world want to know about them new year how is 2017 year going?   same as 2016 or better than 2016? So here we are giving you all important information.

So,here we give 12 horoscope and their remedies which is given as below :

Aries 2017

Aries horoscope for 2017 years is great chart for your entire year. You will have stress in the domestic life bur your professional life will be very good its bring success to you. But you need to do hard work and definitely success will come to you. May be you feel things are not going to as your planned. You love life will not be so interesting. You will do your best to preserve harmony in your personal relationship. If we are talk about to your family, children may have some health problems during this time. In Aries sign after June you success rate will be high and get improvement in your professional life.


Aries people need to avoid yourself from any argument with you best one or your close one. Don’t get angry otherwise it will spoil every relationship. In the end of years your status will develop and you will get more sources of income. If you are businessman, definitely you will get more other opportunity to improve you business. Your confidence will amplify with the empowering of spirit in you. You should maintain your love life give some time to you partner make some planning for outing when it comes to on your health, you need to be really alert.

  • Wear 5 Ratti coral in your ring finger.
  • Help poor people.
  • Do puja of Lord Hanuman and read Hanuman Chalisa and do Aarti.
  • Offer water to the sun every day.
  • Positive side: you are confident, Energetic, and Courageous.
  • Negative side: avoided getting angry
  • Lucky number(s): 9, 18 , 27,36, 45,54,72
  • Colour(s): orange, red, yellow
  • Lucky direction : East
  • Thing(s): orange, sweet lime, red lentil, tuemeric, banana.

Taurus 2017

Taurus horoscope for 2017 years is good for women and planets obviously show that get support of higher powers. In this year’s no problem of money and you will spend more on activity and the comforts of life. Things will nit happing your system will get advanced by the mid of the year. As per the 2017 horoscope you will get more new sources of income. And you can invest money in others work which is benefits for you. Investment in property, stock marketing and many others. You will get moral support and honor from father and Guru.


For Taurus get more support form them family and encourage to do new work. Children will get you happiness in life. Take a special care for your soulmate. If you are single then you will discover a new love. If you are already in relationship, it will be getting stronger. In the end of year financially situation will very get better and get more savings and profits. However, problem related to wrong standard of living may difficulty you like gas, indigestion, etc.if you may take is very easy it velour cause you serious disease later. Try to keep manage your eating lifestyle this year. However, you need not get too worried about them.

  • Put a sphatik mala around your neck.
  • Give food to needy children, saints.
  • Give white sweet between young girls on Friday.
  • Do puja of Goddess lakshmi, and read lakshmi chalisa every day, and do Aarti
  • Use white clothesfragrances items, perfume, and white sandalwood.

Gemini 2017

Gemini horoscope for 2017 years is good. For Gemini predict that family life will be very usual economically with some gentle ups and downs. In New Year beginning you may face some new problems, but when you will come to mid of year you will meet the Honorable people. And you will feel surprised with the superiority of your work and your competitor will admire you at your back. For Gemini you have to be carefully doing share your personal thing to you co- workers. In this year you will be happy and very excited with your success of work. There will be good new work procedure.  But in this year you have to stay away from gambling and lottery.


In the end of this year will give the impression to be resolving all the problems. And definitely you will get more new sources of income. If you will be purchase new high-priced things in cash this year it will be very advantageous for you.  If you are trying in share market, will get some good chance of profits. In this year you will be spend in new vehicle or property. Avoid something to save your relationship don’t suspecting your partner for no reason. If you are student you must have harder study in this year. And for love couple stay alert in you love life. In this half year you all problems will look like to be disappearing. If your do hard work then definitely you may get respect and praises for your hard work get more success.

  • Offer spinach to the cow.
  • Speak Vishnu Sahasranama every day on
  • Speak Suktam and Lakshmi chalisa every day.
  • Spend more timing in gardening.
  • Give books and Stationery in poor children.
  • Positive side: you think correctly before taking decision.
  • Negative side: you do a lot of mental labor.
  • lucky number(s): 5,14,23,41
  • Colour(s): green and cream
  • lucky direction : west
  • Thing(s): Green vegetables and Mung lentils.

Cancer 2017

Cancer horoscope for 2017 years is perfect. What you aspects of life are sheltered. Make use of this horoscope to make the best out of this time. Cancer, starting year will be gradually at the commencement of the year.  May you will not getting sufficient getting result of your hard work. But in the ending month of April, may you will face much struggle at your work place. But it this times to check your serenity. And take the environment of home sincerely. And you must sustain a balance with your elders.


You should avoid argument and fight against your wish. You may have to let go. If you are looking for job absolutely you will get lucky get good job. And if you are thinking to change job it will be better for you. And better time to start you encouraging for businessmen. Your luck will be support you in new mission. Other may very jealous of your success. During this time do not trust to anybody especially your close friends and you business colleague. This year is very best to get more money.

  • Do worship of Lord Hanuman or Lord Shiva every day
  • Give Fried Food to Needy people on Saturdays.
  • Supply a black cow or offer hay at a cow farm yourself.
  • Give Prasad at a Durga temple on
  • Give white sweet to among little girls on Friday
  • Positive side: you are fairly social.
  • Negative side: you trust other people fairly easily
  • Lucky number(s): 2,7,11,20
  • Colour(s): white, orange and yellow
  • Lucky direction : North
  • Thing(s): kheer, flour, rice.

 Leo 2017

Leo horoscope for 2017 years is good. For Leo persons in this year generally income will be very good. Leo people will go ahead in professional life and with their ability. If any pending work is there then definitely pending work will accelerate. For government workers are getting good opportunity to be an extraordinary success. For job and business might be good in get absolute success. And this success will be increase to your confidants. If you are doing business you will get more development in your business and get more and more success by you own experiences. And you will be very happy to get growth in your job or business.


Better success as per your wish. Throughout this time you unknown enemies will also not provoke to come in front of you and they will really respect you and try to build good relation with you. People who are staying in abroad {NRI} for them very good time to growth in job or business.Government employee gets little bit difficult for change in place. For making money this year is really very good with short time making money.So,in this period you may invest in share market and you will get benefits.

  • Give water every day to the Sun, Peepal and Shivling.
  • Improve your life and avoid the use of Tamasik items.
  • speak publicly “Aditya Hridaya Stotra” every day
  • contribute black things, black lentils, mustard oil, black cloths, on Saturday
  • Positive side: you are fairly confident
  • Negative side: you must boost your patience.
  • Lucky number(s): 1,4,10,13,19
  • Colour(s): red ,orange and yellow
  • Lucky direction : East
  • Thing(s): roti, red lentils, red chills, jiggery, orange.

Virgo 2017

Virgo horoscope for 2017 years is going with little bit hard work. For Virgo working people will get good success in professional life but they must have do hard work. They will get promotion on the origin of their work skills. They have very strong opportunity to get success in this month. Your relation will be improve with you co – worker with positive sign and stay long relation with them.


In this year your self –confidence will vet very high. If you are businessman you strength have to face difficulties. Things will be getting better slowly in your business. You do hard work but you will not get excellent result. But still you must try to do your work without any pressure. And you must stay aware about monetary issues. If you are thinking to spend money in share market then don’t do is avoid it. It will get difficulties in your life. If you are business man so before making partnerships in any type of business you must follow the rules and contract. May you make journey in foreign related to your business.

  • Give green fodder to the cow every day
  • Speak publicly Vishnu sahasranama, Vishnu aarti every day, Vishnu chalisa.
  • Worship Tulsi
  • Give laddoos temple of lord ganesha on Wednesday
  • Positive side: you are fairly creative
  • Negative side: you get feared due to the problems fairly easily
  • Lucky number(s): 5,14,23,32,41
  • Colour(s): cream, green
  • Lucky direction : south
  • Thing(s): green vegetable , green mung

Libra 2017

 Libra horoscope for 2017 years is good. For Libra people this year appear good for working people. You will go ahead beating your challenger in the competitions. If you are doing work in sales and marketing then you will capable to make good records by appealing clients. Those people who are working in professional job may they get promotion with new responsibility   on new posting. These are very benefits for you and develop their position. If you will get transfers to somewhere then accept this offer it will be strong chance to get more benefits.


For businessman this year is very positive for improvement in business. Keep away from big investment in the end of this year. Stay careful in the matters related to the exchange of money because a truthful person might do something wrong. Time is good for the community related to the share market. Stay away from making any investment in the stream of sentiment. So,in mid of year is good to get good chance progress.

  • Try to help needy poor people
  • Give kheer to the little girls on
  • Worship bhairava and lord Shiva every day.
  • contribute black things, black cloths, black lentils on Saturday
  • give food to birds every day give water every day
  • Positive side: you are fairly liberal
  • Negative side: you must stay away from being too emotional
  • Lucky number(s): 6,15,24,33,51,60
  • Colour(s): cream, blue, purple, green
  • Lucky direction : west
  • Thing(s): good smelling things, scent, Rose water, white things.

Scorpio 2017

Scorpio horoscope for 2017 years is good for starting business. If you thinking for business then its time is very good for them. Due to the improvement in work, your income will raise. You will get more benefits by doing a faultless planning. Success is possible in business if you will get support of friends. If business man thinking to expands their business in foreign then you may get more benefits in it. Time is very good for working people to be growth full. Your luck will be support you in this time in addition to skill if you add your terms, success will be at arm does achieve. You will do your tasks will full dedication but you should care stay away an eye over the environment of office.

  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman every day
  • Give food to the needy people on Tuesday and Saturdays.
  • Worship lakshmi ji on Friday
  • Give green hay to the cow every day
  • speak publicly sundar kaand on Saturdays
  • Positive side: you are courageous and fearless  
  • Negative side: you need to save yourself form bad habit.
  • Lucky number(s): 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,81,90
  • Colour(s): white, yellow, orange, red
  • Lucky direction : north
  • Thing(s): jiggery and red lentils

Sagittarius 2017

Sagittarius horoscope for 2017 years is full of success. For working people may get more success in this year. There are chances of success the support of advanced officials and promotion. Your salary may boost and company may offer you some services. If you are setting up to change your job, this time is fairly positive. In business, you may get outstanding success. If you are planning to do something new in business then you have to take the suggestions of the knowledgeable people from the field. If you’re doing business in partnerships then stay away from argument with your business partner. In this year definitely you will get good result of your hard work.


Even you may get great venture from government sector. You might get your trapped money back. So,this year is good for spend money in share marketing. If you are thinking to work related in real estate, get prepared to accept the income from all the directions.

  • Give water to sun during sunrise.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu every day
  • Give a yellow sweet among needy children on Thursday
  • Make use of Turmeric, sandalwood, saffron, yellow lentils.
  • Positive side: you are fairly energetic and know how to reach your target.
  • Negative side: stay away from psychological and physical stress.
  • Lucky number(s): 3,12,21,30
  • Colour(s): orange, yellow, red
  • Lucky direction : east
  • Thing(s): saffron, boondi laddoos, turmeric, split garbanzo beans, yellow lentils

Capricorn 2017

Capricorn horoscope for 2017 years is enthusiasms. Your competences to work will revelation those who are better in presentation then you.  In professional Work there are great chances of getting encouragement and respect. You will get profit by a senior official. If you are businessman then may you start a new project and definitely you will get benefits, but stay away from doing lots of things at one time. You will receive much respect from your work; if you are business then long journey will be come to you and get much profits.


Even you can boost your income by do something new works in this year. If you gave money to somebody then you will get back in this year. Best suggestion is for Capricorn does not much trust on a close one in the matter of money may you loss. So,in this year may you get money suddenly by share market or in others way.

  • Go to bhairava temple and give holy food on Sundays.
  • Keep giving food to needy people every day
  • Worship Lord shani every day
  • Do you work with honestly and respect your co – worker
  • Keep away from dishonesty & fraud
  • Positive side: you are fairly hard working
  • Negative side: don’t be easy-going about health.
  • Lucky number(s): 4,8,13,17,19,22,26
  • Colour(s): black, green, blue, purple
  • Lucky direction : south
  • Thing(s): black sesame, black lentils, black garbanzo beans

Aquarius 2017

Aquarius horoscope for 2017 years is going very optimistic for working people. Your personality will stay together. And your relation will get very improved with your boss. If you are tensed about getting a promotion in your job then you will get it easily. And you will get more respect at your work place. You will get chance to travel to complete the works related to job or business.


When you performance your good organization, you may impress your senior officials, which may get you new responsibility. And your outstanding presentation will get you growth as well.  Those people who are really trying to work overseas might get successful in this year. If any people are unemployed may get good chance for job. 2017 year is good for businessmen for making money and save money also. If you are doing business in partnerships then definitely you will get much more profit in it. In the mid of year, you have to wait of the problems related to business.

  • Give food to the ascetics, needy children and saints
  • Worship Lord Shani every day.
  • Go to temple of bhairava on Sunday
  • Use more black grams, Bengal grams and black pepper in food.
  • Always respect needy people and labor-class people, and try to help them.
  • Positive side: you decision making power is fairly good.
  • Negative side: don’t trust anybody with closed eyes.
  • Lucky number(s): 4,8,13,17, 22,26
  • Colour(s): black, green, blue, purple,
  • Lucky direction : west
  • Thing(s): black sesame, black lentils, black garbanzo beans

Pisces 2017

Pisces horoscope for 2017 years is going with hard work. If any people are searching for new job, then don’t make mistake to leave the present job. First of all organize a new job for yourself. It will be great for you to keep on in concord with your colleagues. Working people might be acquire chance to get promotion in the end of year. And you have to take care don’t argument at your work place.


In this year in you work place may you get respect, praises from the seniors. If you are businessman then you will get rising their income by will power and hard work. This year is very great full for business. Trying new business it benefits for this year. You will wait excited to try your hands in new things. But don’t try to make any investment in this quickness. If people are working in share market may think about a long period investment. So,this year is stay away from gambling and lottery.

  • Give water to the sun during sunrise every day.
  • Speak publicly Vishnu sahasranama will be
  • Apply yellow sandalwood every day on your forehead.
  • Every day Take shower with adding turmeric powder in the
  • Give a yellow sweet among needy children on Thursdays.

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