Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body carebaba.com
Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body carebaba.com

Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body

Bones are also growing and living tissue, whether it is hardest substance in the body. Generally, they are made from two materials which are calcium and collagen (type of protein). They give support, strength and also balance our body, including support muscles and internal organs. So, it is very important to take care that your bones stay healthy. That’s you can start your day with a glass of Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body. Healthy bones are very vital for good posture for your better look and also keep appearance youthful for years. So, here is Juice to strengthen Bone and energize body.

Not only strong bones, but your body must required sufficient energy to stay active and healthy. Without sufficient energy, it is not possible for human to finish even on simple tasks. Without sufficient amount of energy your body experience tired and exhausted at every time. To stay active and complete all the activities, you must require enough amount of energy.

You never become late when it comes to make your bones healthy and energize your body. There is no matter how you old, you must have to regulate your food and lifestyle, which help your body keep and build strong bones. For healthy bone you eat food that high amount of magnesium, vitamin D and K, calcium, protein, potassium and beta carotene, which are very beneficial to make your bone strong, to recover faster from hard exercise, improve endurance and also recover from day that full with physical activity. Not only balanced food, but every exercise is also important.

Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body carebaba.com
Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body carebaba.com

To get all the important nutrients to make your bone healthy and strong and also to get enough energy, your body must required sufficient amount of food. For that you can also drink glass of juice in early morning. So, read the below details to know about Juice that make your bone strong and provide energy.

Juice to strengthen Bones and energize body

Recipe of juice that strengthens bones and energizes body

  • Raw spinach : 1 ½ cups
  • Orange juice : ½ cup of vitamin D-fortified
  • Green apple : two (sliced into little pieces)
  • Ginger root : 1 piece

Way to make Juice to energized body and strengthen bone

  • First of all take juicer and cut green apple into small pieces.
  • Now add spinach leaves after removing stalks from spinach.
  • Then, put large piece of cucumber via juicer.
  • After that ass ginger into juice, before adding chop and peel ginger root.
  • Now, put juice into container and add orange juice.
  • Now, mix it very well and add little water to get better consistency of juice.
  • Finally pour juice into glass. Now add some ice cubes if it required.

Benefits of Juice that help to strengthen bones and energize body


It is nutrient dense vegetable which is very important for healthy bone. As, it contain Vitamin K. Only a one cup of spinach gives you 181 % of Vitamin K, which required every day. Vitamin K is beneficial to reduce an excessive amount of osteoclasts. Osteoclasts are cell which may destroy bones. It also includes key nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. Those nutrients are also vital bone health.


Cucumber contain high amount of Vitamin A, C and B. It also contains lots of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Those minerals are very beneficial to make bone strong and also hydrate your body. Vitamin B and carbohydrates are very helpful to transfer food into glucose that provide you sufficient amount of energy.

As we know cucumber are alkaline in nature and also it help to regulate level of pH of body. Cucumber also contains silica which helps strengthening and growth of connective tissue. If you consume cucumber with a juice of orange which is very high in Vitamin C. Then it helps to lower uric acid level via flushing it out of your body. So, it help to reduce arthritis or gout pain.

According to study published by The Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice in 2016, it help to retaining water in cell and also connective tissue, make sure that you stay healthy.


It is also famous to improve your bone health and also for reducing joint pain. It also contain gingerol which is a unique organic. Gingerol contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This compound play an important role in hold back inflammatory compound such as cytokines, before those compound start affecting your bone.

Vitamin D-fortified Orange Juice

Orange juice contain high amount of Vitamin D, which is very important nutrients for bones and muscles. It helps body to absorb calcium that is important to keep your bone healthy. Vitamin D deficiency may cause the problem of thin, brittle and soft bone. This may result onto osteoporosis in adults and rickets kids.

Green apple

This fruit is a great source of nutrients which support bone health. It contain flavonoids which known as phloridzin. It may help to decrease the chances of osteoporosis via improving inflammation markers and also increase the density of bone. In fact it also contain vitamin C which is important development of collagen that keep muscles, cartilage, bone and blood vessels. In fact, anti-oxidant compound in apples is beneficial to improve bone density and also strength.

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