Meningitis Causes symptoms and risk factor

Meningitis Causes, symptoms and risk factor

What is Meningitis?????

It is an inflammation of brain and also spinal cord membranes. People who undergo from this problem may have general sign for example stiff neck, fever and also have headache some. Common causes of it are viral infection; however it is not fungal or bacterial. Vaccines can help you to stop some forms of this health issue. It will become very dangerous, if you are not taking immediate treatment. In some cases it can cause life- threatening blood poisoning. This health issue can also cause damage of brain or nerves for permanently. That way I would like talk about the Early Sign of Meningitis and also its cause.

Types of This meningitis

Bacterial meningitis

In this bacteria will enter into the bloodstream and also transfer to the human brain and also spinal cord that can cause it. It will also causes due to infection of sinus or ear, fracture in skull and also in some cases due to the surgeries.

Chronic Meningitis

It developed over two week or more than two week. Symptoms of it include fever, mental cloudiness, headache and also vomiting. It can causes due to slowly developing organism which invade the fluid nearby brain and also membranes.

Fungal Meningitis

It might be copy the acute bacterial type It will not transform from one person to another person. Cryptococcal type is general fungal types of illness which can affect to people who have week immunity system, AIDS etc.

Early Sign of meningitis

Meningitis Causes symptoms and risk factor
  • Seizures
  • Headache
  • Feeling of being seek
  • An Annoyance of bright lights
  • Fever over with High temperature
  • sleepiness
  • lack of energy
  • Irritability
  • Aching in joints and also in muscles
  • Feeling of Cold hand and also feet
  • light, mottled skin
  • Stiff neck
  • Puzzlement or confusion
  • Rapid breathing
  • Rashes on skin

Other Early Sing and Symptom of meningitis in newborn

  • Baby crying continually
  • Newborn baby have very High fever
  • Inactivity or sluggishness
  • Baby reduced feeding
  • New baby have stiffness in their body and also in neck
  • A swelling in soft on top of the head of baby

Reason for Meningitis: – The most common Meningitis cause is viral infection. Viral infection is followed by bacterial infections and also rarely followed by fungal infection. To identify the cause of it is very important; just because of it occur due to bacterial infection can become life-threatening.

Risk factor of Meningitis

  • Miss out vaccinations: – It raises the risk for the people who are not followed the recommended childhood or adult schedule of vaccination.
  • Age: – Mostly the kids younger than 5 year are become patient of viral type of this problem. And the bacterial type of illness is mostly happening to the people, whose age is under 20 years.
  • Pregnancy: – During Pregnancy the chances of listeriosis will raises. Listeriosis bacteria can causes this problem. Listeriosis will raise the chances of stillbirth, miscarriage and premature delivery.
  • Issues which affect immune system: – There are some factor that can affect to the immunity system can also causes it, those factors are alcoholism, inappropriate medicine use, diabetes and also AIDS. Irritation can also increase the chances.