Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms

Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms

Pregnancy is most important and beautiful period for every woman in her life. When women miss her period then she became pregnant. At the time of pregnancy one or more children develop inside a woman or it happen may happen more than one child is also possible. Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. We must take care about ourselves at the time of pregnancy. When we get pregnant there are lots of questions comes in our mind like, what to eat or what not? Sex during pregnancy is safe or not? And many more. Here we give the information regarding the Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms. So, be aware these sign and symptoms and reduce the chances of miscarriage. But one thing that all women think is that chances of miscarriage.

Every woman afraid of the miscarriage at the time of pregnancy. Do you know about 20% of women pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is really very sad experience for all women. Generally most of the miscarriages happen during the 1st 13 weeks of pregnancy. There are lots of reasons of miscarriage.So, let’s have look…

Reasons of Miscarriage:

Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms
  • Genetics Factors
  • Women’s weight (whether she is overweight or underweight is also cause miscarriage)
  • Lifestyle
  • Drug use
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Excessive consumption of Alcohol and caffeine
  • Infections like, Lyme disease
  • Women’s Age
  • Smoking
  • Chronic illnesses like, throid,diabetes
  • Viruses

So, we see the why miscarriage happen or reasons for miscarriage. Now let’s have a look sign and symptoms of miscarriage:

Miscarriage Symptoms:

Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms

Below are some symptoms of miscarriage.

  • Lower Back Pain
  • White-pink mucus
  • Mild to severe cramps
  • Nausea or vomiting etc…

Miscarriage Sign:


Bleeding is one of the first sign of miscarriage.Vaginal bleeding which is light, heavy, irregular or constant is sign of miscarriage in woman. About 30% pregnancies arrive with some level of bleeding. But if you find any clotting spot during any pregnancy then you must immediately concern your doctor.

Abnormal discharge from Vagina:

Vaginal discharge is also one of the Miscarriage Sign. When unusual discharge from vagina then it may chances of miscarriage.So, immediately consult your doctor.Vaginal discharge is different from women to women.

Continuous Back Pain and Stomach pain:

If you suffer from constant back pain as well as stomach pain or cramps then it will chances of miscarriage. Continuous pain in abdomen is equal to menstrual pain and harsh back pain is also sign of miscarriage.

Miscarriage Sign and Symptoms

Feeling not pregnant:

When women get pregnant she always feels her child. But if any miscarriage is occurs then she stop feeling pregnant. If her loss food cravings and loss breast soreness then it might be chances of miscarriage.

How to prevent miscarriage:

For avoid miscarriage every women should follow the healthy diet, healthy life style, regular healthcare as well as consult your doctor or Gynaecologist at the time of pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should go for regular checkups.So, that she can easily avoid the chances of miscarriage.

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