Most Unsafe Country for women in the world

Most Unsafe Country for women

In the developing world’s Most Unsafe Country for women

Every year An International Women’s is celebrated for women so that they feel age old lash of violence, isolation, discrimination, repression, enforced ignorance. But, In Asian and African country women are generally some common problem such as female foeticide, rape & gang rape, gender-based discrimination. So here are the 10 Unsafe Country for women. Many countries genital mutilation on a female is practiced. These type miserable countries are implementing safety and security for women. But below are the most dangerous countries for women in the world.

10 Most Unsafe Country for women

Most Unsafe Country for women

This country has 87 % uneducated population of female. In Afghanistan, girls are forcefully married at a little age of approximately 15 to 19 years. A large number of domestic abuse cases was reported in the Afghanistan court. The Ratio of maternal mortality is 400 in 100,000 in Afghanistan. That’s way it comes in the list of the Unsafe country for women.

The Democratic Republic of Congo
Most Unsafe Country for women

In Congo, women have generally faced discrimination and also domestic violence and also those are the common problem for Congo’s women. Approximately 1,150 women face sexual harassment in every day, according to the American Journal of Public Health.

Most Unsafe Country for women

It is an African country devoid of law and also order. This country also comes in the list of the unsafe country for women. In Somalia, approximately 95 % of female are faces problem of genital mutilation at the only the age of 4 to 11 years. In this country women do not only face the problem FGM but also face Sexual harassment, high maternal mortality, child marriage and many other problems.

Most Unsafe Country for women

In 2010, According to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science, the High number of gender-based violence cases causes in Colombia. The bad part is this that women who faced mental or physical abuse never get any justice. A person who do this violence never feels any guilt for their offense. In fact, they also live freely without any punishment in this country. Only, the good part is that some organization provides the care of post-violence to the victim. So, it is comes Most Unsafe Country for women.

Most Unsafe Country for women

In Egypt, women generally face domestic violence and also sexual harassment. Egypt’s judicial system doesn’t protect the women’s rights. The population of Egypt women remains poor of their rights to divorce, inheritance, child custody and also marriage. So it is also the worst country for women.

Most Unsafe Country for women

In Mexico, there are rare women who come one step forward and report sexual harassment for example indifference, dealt with doubt and also disrespect in Mexico. Mexico’s judicial system never protect women from sexual harassment and also domestic.

Most Unsafe Country for women

According to the several reports, in Brazil, in every two hours women dies and also in every 15 seconds they are assaults. Abortions are prohibited in this country apart from in rape or some health illness. Women who are not meet these prospects and also opt for abortion requirement to serve a term of 3 years in jail.

Most Unsafe Country for women

Thailand is not only a popular tourist destination, but sexual harassment is also common in this country. As per the Domestic Violence Information Center of Thailand, violence based on gender is general due to too much use of drugs and liquor in the country. So, Thailand is also Most Unsafe Country for women.

Most Unsafe Country for women

Acid attack, child marriages are the common risk for women in Pakistan and also get a punishment of domestic violence and stoning. This country has the highest rate of honor killing, child marriage and also dowry murder. That’s way Pakistan is the most dangerous country for women.

Most Unsafe Country for women

According to the Research, lots of women infanticide cases are accounting in India from last 30 years. Women face common in India including child marriage, gang rape and also human trafficking. So India also comes in the list unsafe country for women in the world.


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