Multiple Personality Disorder Sign and Symptoms - Sign of Dual Personality

Multiple Personality Disorder Sign and Symptoms – Sign of Dual Personality 

What is Multiple Personality Disorder?????

Multiple Personality Disorder is a Dissociative identity disorder. It is one type of mental disorder on the dissociative range, which categorized through the look of at least two different and also comparatively stable personalities or separate identity state which alternately control the behavior of a person. Te DID is the different form of the dissociation psychological process that causes a lack of connection in a feeling, thoughts, actions, memories or identity sense of a person. The sign of Dissociative identity disorder can be identified through a presence of two or more distinct or split identities or state of personality which frequently have power over the behavior of a person.

Multi personality disorder is thinking to stem from a factor’s combination, which may contain painful incident by the person with this mental health issue. The dissociative portion is a consideration to be handling mechanism, in which person exactly dissociate him or herself from an incident or situation which too much painful, violent, traumatic to assimilate with his or her conscious self. So here I talk about the Sign of Dual personality disorder.

The Sign and symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder Sign and Symptoms - Sign of Dual Personality
  • The personalities of a patient are discrepant and also opposite.
  • All personality is related to its behavioral patterns, own memories and also a social relationship which also rule its actions.
  • Suddenly converted from one personality to another per personality and also bring on by stress.
  • You may feel unreal
  • Finding something they have obviously written but are in handwriting other than their own
  • Falls in memory, mainly of significant life occasion for example marriage, childbirth, and birthday.
  • Feeling blackouts in time, resulting in searching oneself in place, however not recalling how one got there.
  • Being regular blame of lying when you do not consider you are lying
  • Never find yourself in mirror

Another symptom of Dissociative identity disorder

  • Blackouts or Amnesia
  • Automatic writing and Sleepwalking
  • Prostitution
  • Problem of trusting other
  • Any fear or Phobias
  • Anger and hostility
  • A sense of disloyalty
  • Difficulty in adjusting sexual life
  • Raises the behavior of sexual level
  • Substance abuse
  • Problem in parenting and also have problem to give respond your child
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Patient may found