Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health  

Workout can improve the posture and overall health. Persons with perfect posture not only good-looking, but the correct position of the spine as well as helps the back stay healthy and increases blood circulation & breathing.  Maintaining a perfect posture is very vital if you wish to enjoy happy and healthy life.  The best ways to improve the posture is to focus on workouts that strengthen the core, the abdominal & low back muscles which connect to the pelvis and spine. Many of the Perfect Posture Exercises that can help you how to improve your posture are simple to perform.  Moreover, maintaining a proper posture while standing, sleeping, sitting or walking helps keep the body in correct position.

It also decreases you risk of falls, improves the balance and prevents back & neck pain and also sore muscles. The poor posture may affect the emotional and physical well being. It can also lead to joint pain, breathing problems and difficulty walking. Therefore, some simple workouts you can perform to better your posture. So, here we provide the Exercises to improve your Posture.

Best Exercises to Perfect Posture


Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

This Perfect Posture Exercises strengthens the transverse abdominal and obliques and also your back and shoulder muscles.

First lay on the stomach on a mat. Then get up on the elbows. Keep the neck straight. And then lift up the entire body and stabilizing the body on the forearms and toes. Then hold the position with your neck, head, and legs and back in position. Now tighten the belly muscles and ensure you breathe. Hold the position for about 30 seconds. Rest for about 30 seconds and repeat.

Chest Stretch

Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

Chest stretch is one of the great exercises to get perfect posture. First, sit on exercise ball, and then walk the lags forward until the back is against the ball. Then keep the neck parallel to ground and extend the elbows back thus your arms are parallel to the ground. Your back must be draped over the exercise ball.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

When sitting for long time that contributes to tight hip flexors. Tight hip flexors may cause hip pain and lower back pain.  Try this hip flexor stretch to improve your posture.

First, Go down on your knees on the right knee and place the left foot on the ground in front of you. Then push the hips forward until you feel a stretch in front of the right hip. Now hold the stretch for about 5 breaths. Then change legs and do again.

Bird Dog exercise

Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

The bird fog exercise, also called quadruped is best Perfect Posture Exercises for strengthening your posterior core in general, the muscular area which includes the lower back, thighs, abdominals and butt.

To perform this exercise, start on all fours with the hands under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. Then pull your abs in to the spine.  Then slowly raise one leg & stretch it behind you and raise the opposite arm forward. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat on the opposite side.

Back Extensions

Perfect Posture Exercises to improve your Health

The back extensions exercise strengthens the erector spinae and other low back muscles. This is one of the Perfect Posture Exercises.

To do this Perfect Posture workout, lie on the stomach, palms down, facedown, arms straight out in the front of you and leg straight out behind you. Pull the abs in, as if you are trying to make a small space between the stomach and the ground. Then raise the left arm & right leg about 1 inch off the ground and stretch out as possible as you can. And then hold position for about 5 counts and lower the arm & leg back down. Repeat the same position with the right arm & left leg.

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