Smoking Side Effects

Smoking Side Effects on your Body and Health Every Smoker Must Know

The Smoking is the very harmful to your entire Body as well as your Health. Many people are habituated to smoke regularly. If People are smoke more than 10 times, they called Chain Smoker. The one of the Main Ingredient in Cigarette, pipe or hookah is the Tobacco. The Cigars and pipe are different in design from cigarettes, both are made from tobacco.Cigar and pipe wrapped in thin paper. The Tobacco is the Silent killer of our body. And also one Cigar also contains 100 to 200 mg of nicotine. Always smoker are belong in denser zone. There is no safe level for any smoker or tobacco user.Here we give the details Smoking Side Effects.

The Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients. When the cigarettes burns, then they produced more than 7,000 chemicals. So, these are all ingredients are very harmful to our body and health. Smoker are suffer from Dryness, Nose Cancer lungs cancer, heart disease, Mouth Cancer, Mood Simulation, Poor Vision, Coughing, Blood Cancer, Wrinkly Skin, Bad Teeth, Smelly Hair, Early Menopause and  Stained Teeth etc. Here, we discuss with you many side effects of smoking Every Weed Smoker to know that.

Smoking Side Effects on your Body and Health

Main Smoking Side Effect: Lung Cancer

When the people inhale cigarette smoke,which is full of tobacco and cancer causing substance.Cigarette contains are directly affected on the lungs. Smoking is damaging the cells that line the lungs. It is very dangerous Smoking Side Effect. There are two general types of lung cancer which given below:

Smoking Side Effects
  • Lung Cancer with Small Cell

The Heavy or Chain Smokers are suffering from this Small Cell Lung Cancer and it also less common than non Small Cell Lung Cancer. The Lung Cancer smoking side effects is very dangerous for our body and health.

  • Lung Cancer with Non Small Cell

Non Small Cell Cancer is usually grows and spreads more slowly than Small Cell Cancer. Here, we discuss with you other 3 types of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.

  • Adenocarcinoma: this type of cancer found in outer area of lungs.
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma:  Lung Cancer with Non- Small Cell found in center of the lungs next to an air tube.
  • Larger Cell Carcinomas: This type of cancer found in any part of the lung. It grows and spread faster than the other 2 types.

Pregnancy Complications

Smoking Side Effects

If Pregnant Women are habituated to smoke then they have a higher risk of miscarriage, early delivery or stillbirth. And also pregnant smoker women have a great tendency of having weaker bones after menopause. Smoking also affected on the breastfeeding. If mother smoke or consume any kind of drug, then they may be present in her milk, and that are also affect on baby. The Pregnancy complication also occurs from Smoking and it is also very dangerous smoking side effects.

Smoking affected on the Sexual Organs

The Smoking and any type of drugs are affected on the Sexual Organs. And also it affected on your sexual relationship. It is the very dangerous smoking side effects for sexual organs.

Smoking Side Effects

The tobacco is affected on the male body and they contains are increased risk for:

  • Genetic damage to sperm.
  • Lower sperm count
  • Higher percentage of deformed sperm.

The tobacco is affected on the female body and they contains are increased risk for:

  • Reduced fertility menstrual cycle absence of menstruation.
  • The Menopause arrives at one or two years earlier.

Smoking Side Effects on Skin, Hair and Nails

Smoking Side Effects

The Cigarette contains the high amount of Tobacco. The tobacco is change the structure of your skin. Because of smoking many skin problems are occurs like skin discoloration, wrinkles and premature aging.

Smoking Side Effects

It also affect  your nails and finger skin also have yellow staining from holding cigarettes. Because of smoking, develop yellow or brown stains on their smoker teeth. Smoker’s hair holds on smell to the smell of tobacco.

Smoking Side Effects on Mouth, Teeth and Gum Disease

Smoking Side Effects

Smoking is the very Dangerous for your health. The most risk for your teeth while you are smoke. Smoking occurs the gum infections and it’s destroying the bone that are supports the teeth. The adults smokers are widely suffer from this gum infection disease.

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