Strawberries beauty benefits

Strawberries Beauty Benefits for healthy skin and hair 

Strawberries are really healthy and testy tart fruit. The shape of strawberry is heart shaped with red color. Characteristic of strawberries are its juicy texture, aroma, sour & sweet taste and also its bright red color. Approximately strawberries have different 600 types with different size, flavor and also different texture. There are lots of Strawberries Beauty Benefits. Nutrition value of strawberries is magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and also folic acid. In addition, Strawberries also contain too many vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin C and also vitamin A. It also loaded with anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are very important for healthy and beautiful hair and skin. So I am going to talk about important beauty benefits of strawberries. Lots of people use strawberries are used on lots of beauty products such as facial mask, toner and also used as scrub to get glowing and also beautiful skin.

Top 10 ways to use strawberries for skin

Benefits of strawberries for skin

Reduce aging process

Strawberries beauty benefits

Strawberries include anti oxidant ellagic acid that can help to reduce destruction of collagen. Destruction of collagen is one the main reason of wrinkle formation. It also beneficial as it protects from harmful effect of UV ray, ellagic acid, which has photo protective effects and it acts against UV ray damage. So your skin looks younger and beautiful.

Improve skin tone

Strawberries beauty benefits

Strawberry juice is very effective to light blemishes and also to reduce acne. In addition ellagic acid in strawberries will also decrease the dark spots of your skin. So you can apply strawberry on dark spot and also on your skin. You can use cotton ball and leave it for some time after remove juice. It is one of the best strawberries beauty benefits.

 Lighten your lip color

Strawberries beauty benefits

It also contains some vital vitamin and minerals that can help you to reduce the dark color of your lips. Strawberries also help to exfoliate dead skin cells, which make your lip dull and dark. Also it has hydrating nature which is beneficial to liven up and plump lips. It is also great strawberries beauty benefits.

Increase complexion of skin

Skin lightening property of strawberries help to decrease the spots of skin and also lighten scars. In addition, it also contains antioxidants which are very beneficial to protect your skin from the harmful effect of UV rays. Also it is very beneficial to lighten your skin and boost skin complexion. This is also one of the best Strawberries benefits for skin.

Benefits of strawberries for hair
Strawberries beauty benefits

It helps to reduce hair fall and also improve your hair growth. It makes your hair healthy and beautiful. You can make strawberry hair by mixing honey approximately one tbsp, strawberries and also coconut oil. Now apply this mixture on scalp and hair. Then leave this mixture for at least 20 minutes. It is great source of vitamin C, which is very beneficial for healthy, thick, long and shiny hair.

Boost health of nail and improve growth of nail

Strawberries beauty benefits

As we know it is great source of biotin. Biotin is very beneficial to make your nail strong. Biotin improve keratin infrastructure as result it promote the growth of nail. In addition, it is great source of folic acid and vitamin C, which also help in healthy growth of nail. This is one of the best strawberries beauty benefits for nail.

Improve teeth whitening

Strawberries beauty benefits

It gives you white teeth. As it contain vitamin C, which helps to breakdown plaque. Plaque causes yellow color on your teeth. Also, strawberries contain malic acid, which can help your teeth to convert your teeth color white from yellow. So, it also one of best strawberries beauty benefits for teeth.

Lighten Freckles

Strawberries beauty benefits

It helps to reduce freckles and also blemish, because it is rich source of vitamin C and also contain other helpful antioxidants. In addition, it help to hydrated you skin properly, nourish skin and also fight from free radical. Moreover, it contains property of bleaching.

Benefits of strawberries for eye puffiness
Strawberries beauty benefits

Strawberry contains lots of natural element which is work as anti-inflammatory. It helps to remove puffiness under your eye. Moreover, its astringent property is beneficial to reduce swelling and puffiness. So you can put slices of strawberries on your eyes for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Cure skin sagging

Strawberries beauty benefits

Astringent properties of strawberries will help to cure sagging problem of skin. Strawberry is the great source of antioxidant and also vitamin C, which can improve collagen fibers development. It will help to make your skin firm and smooth and also cure sagging issue of skin. This is one of the best Beauty benefits of strawberries.