Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Cancer is one of the main reasons for majority of the deaths around the world. It can be said that it is because people around the world are less aware about it. So we are bringing to you an informative article on the Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment. It is important to understand all about it to stay healthy and safe. Cancer generally begins when the cells in your body starts to grow out of control. These cells can be occurring in any part of the body and spreads to other parts of the body. Whereas, thyroid cancer is an uncommon type of cancer, that affects the thyroid gland. The gland is of a butterfly shape which regulars the way your body uses energy and helps to work properly. Thyroid cancer is very common in people above or in their 30s.

It was seen that this cancer particularly affects women 2-3 times more than men. When you suffer from the thyroid cancer, your body goes through many signs, symptoms which you may not be aware of. So to make wiser, we are bringing to you the signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer which are commonly throat and neck pain, thyroid nodule, lump, cough, vocal changes and many more.

Thyroid Cancer Causes

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Early thyroid cancer has no signs and symptoms which can be visible or felt. Instead when it develops the thyroid cancer causes and symptoms comes into light. It is commonly found that the lump in the neck and swelling can be frequented as the most prominent and earliest signs of thyroid cancer. But there are other symptoms that are sure to be felt:

  • Voice change
  • Unexplained hoarseness
  • Neck pain
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Swollen glands in neck
  • Frequent cough

Along with the symptoms and causes, it is also of importance to know about the risk factors of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Risk Factors

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

The risk factors are mostly the causes that may trigger the thyroid cancer in your body. It is important to stay clear of your happenings to stop whatever it is in the early stages itself. Some of the commonly found risk factors of thyroid cancer are:

  • Any family history or background of thyroid cancer or any thyroid diseases.
  • Diet with low iodine
  • Radiation therapy in neck
  • Exposure to radiation waves during childhood
  • Other conditions such as inflame thyroid or goiter

If you ever experienced these in your life, you are more prone to the occurrence of thyroid cancer. Also, if you were ever a cancer patient than the chances are quite high as once a cancer happens, if it isn’t fully cured it can come back later in life. So you must make sure to take necessary treatments and also important steps it takes to cure the cancer fully to stay from it for lifetime.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

After knowing all about the thyroid cancer causes and symptoms, it is important to know all about the thyroid cancer treatment and prevention. However, there are many types of treatment that are performed according to the type of cancer you have and the intensity if it. So let us have a look at some of the most effective thyroid cancer treatments.

  • Surgery

Most of the thyroid cancer involves surgery to get rid of the thyroid gland. However if the thyroid cancer is only 1 lobe of the thyroid gland than your doctor may opt for lobectomy. For this process of cancer, the doctor makes an incision in the neck to expose thyroid. Later on, they cut out the exposed and affected lobe. This is one type of treatment for thyroid cancer.

However, the most frequent thyroid cancer surgery is referred to as thyroidectomy.

  • Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy usually combine along with surgery to remove any cancer cells that may have still be in your body. This process is mostly used when the thyroid gland has spread beyond the thyroid gland. In this process the doctors sure the area with the help of x-rays or another radiation type. It is mostly perform using an internally placed device or an external machine.

With an alternative to this method, the doctors can also use special radiation therapy also known as radioactive iodine (RAI) therapy.

  • Medication

There are many different and various thyroid cancer treatments which involves taking medicines. Even in the hormone therapy, drugs are use to stop your body from making any thyroid stimulating hormone. This medication slows the development of cancer and also prevents the thyroid cancers from returning after the cancer treatment. Along with medication, chemotherapy is frequently to prevent a thyroid cancer particularly, which has spread to other parts of the body.

This was some of the treatments that are conduct according to the type and stages of cancer one might be going through. Though there can be other types of treatment too which can vary according to the stage or level you might have. However, now that you know that there are many types of to the cancer, let us understand all about them.

Types of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Causes and Treatment

The thyroid cancers are generally categorize according to the appearance of cancerous cells. This cancerous cell may appear like healthy cells are known as well differentiated cells. However, these well differentiated cells develop at a much slower rate than the undifferentiated cells. So now, with that in mind let us understand the types of thyroid cancer commonly found:

Papillary Carcinoma

This one if the well differentiated type of thyroid cancer. Papillary carcinoma mostly seen in women having childbearing age. The most important thing to know about it is, it spreads slowly is also treatable. So see the age of the patient and type of cancer and it will make more sense. This is one of the various types of thyroid cancer.

Follicular Carcinoma

Follicular carcinoma is the second type of thyroid cancer. It is one of those types which is likely and recur at some point of time. The common Hurthle cell cancer is also one of the types of follicular cancer itself.

Anaplastic Carcinoma

The third and most dangerous type of cancer is anaplastic carcinoma. It is very uncommon, serious and difficult to cure. Moreover, this type of cancer affects people over the age of 60 which makes it even serious and hard to cure.

Medullary Carcinoma

The last one on the list is medullary cancer. It is yet another well differentiate type of thyroid cancers. Also, this type affects thyroid C cells that are responsible to produce the calcium controlling hormone calcitonin. This is also one of the commonly found thyroid types.

The above mentioned cancer treatments done according to the type of cancer a patient suffers from. However one should not worry and seek a doctor’s opinion soon in the early stages to save you from any further troubles. This was all in the article on Thyroid Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

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