Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

Pre and post Wedding Fitness Tips to get attraction of everyone

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, when one best friend, in the form of life partner. On your wedding, one new person comes in your life and also in your family, who love you and also give you lots of respect. In fact, your life partner will stay with you until death. Also, he or she will always take care about your like & dislike and also take care of each & everything. So, your life partner is a gift given by good to spend your whole life beautifully. That’s way wedding is a very important day in everyone’s life. So, it is also important to look beautiful and also get the attraction of every on your wedding. And for this, you can this Wedding Fitness Tips to look perfect on your wedding day.

A wedding day is a most important day for both men and girl, in fact, everyone has dream to give the impression of being groom or bride. There is no makeup, hairstyle, manicure or tan is available, which gives you a sculpted shoulder look and lean body. At the time of a wedding, you have lots of stress because of too much arrangement of a wedding, but a day wedding never comes again in your whole life. So, here we provide Wedding Fitness Tips for groom and bride. Both groom and bride can use these Marriage Fitness Tips look perfect.

Easiest Wedding Fitness Tips to look perfect on your wedding day

Choose stair as an alternative to lift

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

If you don’t have time to do exercise and yoga, then you can choose stair instead of lift. If you use a star, then it aids to tone leg. In fact, it is great for you to work on stamina. So, use of stair for up and down is also one the useful Wedding Fitness Tips.

Drink warm water instead of cool water  

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

Begin your every morning with a glass of warm water is not only the best Wedding Fitness Tips but also great for health. In addition, for the effective result, you can add lemon juice and honey into warm water. A mixture of lemon juice, honey and warm water is very helpful to increase rate of metabolism. In fact, it also helps to clean body as it clean toxin from body. Honey & lemon is very effective for beautiful skin. You can apple cider vinegar in the place of Lemon & honey.

Drink soup before going for meal

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

As per the study of Penn University, if you drink soup before dinner or lunch, then you can save around 700 calories throughout the week. If you take soup before dinner or lunch can 100 reduce 100 calories of food, which you eat. So, consuming soup before a meal is also helpful Wedding Fitness Tips to look fit.

Take a sufficient amount sleep

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

According to the research of Case Western Reserve University, “girls who sleep for at least 5 hours or less than 5 hours, they have 32 % higher chances of weight gain and also a girl who sleep 7 hours or more than 7 hours have 15 % possibility of weight gain”. So, both men and women must require proper amount sleep.

Do your favourite workout

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

Exercise is one of the effective Wedding Fitness Tips for a healthy and fit appearance on your wedding day. In addition, you can also do yoga and also go for long walk. A Bollywood dance class or Zumba is work absolutely best way to decrease stress. By doing one session of Zumba you can reduce around 800 to 1000 calories. But, you also have focused on the heart and strength at the same time.

 Drink high amount of water

Wedding Fitness Tips for bride

Both the men and women must drink at least two to three litres water in a day. In fact, you can also add some of your fruits like sweet lemon, watermelon, cucumber and also other watery food. You can also add those fruit into you daily diet. It is very helpful if you drink it before your lunch or dinner. Drinking water is very helpful to clean your body.

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