Best Smartwatches for Android

Best Smartwatches for Android

There are many company manufactures available in different price ranges. Now a day many different type and also styles watches. So here We share some information about the Best Android Smartwatches in the World. Today we talk about Best Smartwatches for Android – choose the watch that makes time you.  So, in this post we have talk about 5 best Android wear smart watches. So, let’s below given Top 5 Android Wear Smartwatches of 2017.

Best Android Smartwatches – Watch Here

List of 5 Best Smartwatches for Android

Polar M600
Best Smartwatches for Android

The Polar M600 is most popular Smartwatches in the world. This waterproof1, sports smart watch is optimise for your active lifestyle. The waterproof Polar M600 is an Android Wear smart watch designed to costume a lively lifestyle without compromises. Polar M600 is also adds the capability to download application on the android Google Play Store.

Moto 360 2 Smart watch
Best Smartwatches for Android

The Moto 360 has better in comfort, looks and also performance. Manufacture it one of the Best smart watches out this time. Motorola 360 is continued to keep up one of the best ranks in the android Smartwatches category. The display excellence quality is superior with the resolution of the better-quality watch and also with dissimilar watches sizes, approach altered display sizes that are 1.56 inch or 1.37 Inch. The Moto 360 2 Smart watch is offered around $299.99 price.

Huawei Watch
Best Smartwatches for Android

The Huawei Watch is companionable with many devices with a 4.3 Android or 8.2 iOS. The Huawei Watch is planned to be element of the look and also component of the life. Huawei Watch display 1.4″ full ring with a scrape opposing azure crystal and also stainless steel body. It is offered around $299.99 price.

Tag Heuer Connected
Best Smartwatches for Android

Tag Heuer Connected is one of the jewelled smart watches and also TAG Heuer say the launch of the first TAG Heuer smart watch which is name Tag Heuer Connected. The make quality is tremendously high with every the parts counting the exterior, back made up of grade 2 titanium. In addition , The watch runs on the popular Android Wear OS (operating system) which is used by a lot of smart watch brands.

Sony Smart Watch 3
Best Smartwatches for Android

The Sony Smart Watch 3 is most popular smart watch in India.  Sony Smart Watch 3 looks fashionable with the strap available in rubber selection with a selection of colours, or efficient stainless strengthen one. Its display is 1.6-inch 320 x 320 pixel LCD display and also one more very useful major USP of the watch is so as to it is the first one in the category to have GPS allow functionality. Also, Its watch is offered around $159 price.

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