Black girl beauty tips

Black girl beauty tips – Best beauty tips for girl with dark skin

Lots of people are available in world and they all have different skin tone. Skin has various levels. And it is vital to protect our skin from sun exposure, external harmful factor and also pollutants. Because of too much exposure skin’s outer layer experience from dullness.  There different rule of makeup for dark skin people. I am going to talk about black girl beauty tips. Dark skin has distinct characteristics and specially from more moisturizing. To make your skin clean and also for new glow people with dark color must wash face two times in day. In addition, use natural cleansing product. Also, must remove makeup before sleeping. So I provide the some of the beauty tips for dark skin women.

Beauty tips for dark skin women are Choose proper foundation, Exfoliate once in a week, face mask at least once in week, Use skin toner, apply darker shade of eye shadow, choose darker lipstick shades, Use moisturize, use powder, and also must sunscreen.

10 best skin tips for dark skin women

Apply sunscreen
Black girl beauty tips

Women with black skin are not burn as compare to fair skin women, however black skin also get damage and increase the process of aging. So all the black must use sunscreen before go outside home. This is an black girl beauty tips to take care of your skin.

Use moisturize daily
Black girl beauty tips

To make your skin beautiful & younger and also to make your skin more radiant, you must apply good moisturizer with good quality. You have apply moisturize after shower.  It is also one of the great Black girl beauty tips.

Be careful about acne and pimple
Black girl beauty tips

Generally girl with dark skin have more chances of having pimple and acne. And also those acne and pimple are show up more on face. So, all girls with dark must remove makeup at the end of the day. Also use cleanser of good quality to clean skin properly. It is one of the best skin care tips for black girls.

Choose proper foundation
Black girl beauty tips

This is another makeup tips for black beauty for selecting appropriate foundation. When you select foundation must take care that never select too light foundation than your skin, because skin appear grey. You must check foundation on an area which is above jaw line or on forehead area, before you buy foundation. Liquid foundation will not look dull, so give first priority to liquid foundation.

Black girl beauty tips

Girls with dark skin always choose darker shades because it compliments dark skin. Black beauty never use bright colors lipstick. Best lipstick shades for black girl are plum, burgundy, coffee, berry and also beige. Choosing lipstick color is also simple Black girl beauty tips.

Exfoliate once in a week
Black girl beauty tips

Exfoliate will help to eliminate dead skin cells and also reverse the natural skin color. Exfoliation is also beneficial to clean pores and decrease the probability of breakout. Make mixture of sugar and olive oil and rub on face.

Eye makeup for black girls
Black girl beauty tips

Dark skin girl can apply darker shade of eye shadow. Great eye makeup tip for dark skin girls is to apply shades such as burgundy, copper, brown and also green. Really smoky eye look great on black skin, particularly if it mix with little shimmery color on inner corners of eye.

Apply skin toner
Black girl beauty tips

Skin toner helps you to look youthful and fresh. It is also beneficial to remove extra oil from. In addition, it helps to remove acne and close pore. So, black must use skin toner with good quality to look fresh and beautiful. It is one of the best black girl beauty tips.

Black beauty must apply face mask at least once in week
Black girl beauty tips

If you apply face mask at once in week then it is beneficial to moisturize your skin and also clear of blemishes. Homemade face mask for black girl is the best option. You can make mixture of honey and egg and apply it on your face and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. In addition, girl with oily skin only use white part of egg and also dry skin girl, use yolk.

Apply simple powder
Black girl beauty tips

Simple Black girl beauty tips are use powder. In addition, must use powder which is near to your skin tone. Dark skin is gorgeous, that’s way never covering your face with too much powder.  This is also one of the Black girl beauty tips.


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