Healthy eye smoothie recipe

Healthy eye smoothie recipe

Many of us have problem in their eye for example difficulty in vision, nearsightedness or myopia, Not good eyesight and farsightedness or hyperopia. That’s way taking care of eye and its health is vital. Healthy eye include lots of good nutrients, which is work great to make your eye healthy. You must eat healthy food that contains minerals, healthy nutrients and also vitamin. Those minerals and vitamin are vitamin C & A, important antioxidant, bioflavonoid, fatty acids and also carotenoids. To solve the problem of your eye I provide the recipe of Healthy eye smoothie. This Smoothie for healthy eye is beneficial to keep eye health. In addition this smoothie also includes lots of mineral and vitamin that are very beneficial to make your eye beautiful as well as healthy.

Healthy eye smoothie is very beneficial to boost your eyesight and also help in trim down the eye vision. Smoothie for eye health is made from lots of vegetables which green leafy vegetable and some fruits such as Spinach, banana, orange, blueberry, ginger, grapes, kale, and carrot. So, to make this you can read the smoothie recipe that boost Eye health.

Recipe for Healthy eye smoothie

Smoothie of Blueberry

Healthy eye smoothie recipe

Ingredients to make Healthy eye smoothie

  • Kale (chopped) : Two cups
  • Blueberries : One cup
  • Spinach: Two handful
  • Green grapes: One handful
  • Water (filtered): One cup

Direction to make Smoothie to improve eye health

  • To make this smoothie first, clean all ingredients.
  • After that take the blender and put all ingredients in a blender.
  • Then blend it until you get smoothie form of a smoothie.

Healthy eye smoothie Benefits

  • It contains kale, which is a good source of zeaxanthin and high in lutein that is very important for your eye health.
  • Spinaches in this smoothie is also contained a high amount of zeaxanthin and lutein that are also great for eye health.
  • It also consists blueberries which are a great source of minerals, vitamins and also antioxidants which are also beneficial for an eye.
  • Grapes are also beneficial to reduce the blindness which is age related and also provide an antioxidant protection.

Tasty Smoothie of Carrot

Healthy eye smoothie recipe

Ingredients to make Eye protecting smoothie

  • Slice of carrots: One cup
  • Fresh Juice of orange: One cup
  • Half banana
  • Ginger: Half teaspoon
  • ice cubes: One cup If it needed

Process to make smoothie for good vision

  • To make this smoothie wash all ingredients.
  • Then take one blender and put all ingredients.
  • After that mix together all ingredients until you get a smooth mixture.
  • After that add fresh juice of orange if wants desired consistency.
  • Now finally, Strain in fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth to remove pulp.
  • Now drink this Healthy eye smoothie


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