Happy Makarsankranti

Makarsankranti is very famous festival in India and celebrated in various parts of India with very joy. There are so many people who just waiting for this festival, the day which marks the shift of the sun into ever-lengthening days. This festival is full of colours. The Makarsankranti is Hindu festivals. Uttarayana is generally celebrated on 14 January and 15 January.

Makarsankranti is experimental at the commencement of the Capricorn period under the sidereal zodiac, on 14 January or 15 January. Uttarayana is also committed to the sun god and marks the six months favorable time for Hindu known as Uttarayana.


The significant of Uttarayana is displayed in the Hindu classic Mahabharata, where Bhishma Pitamah stayed for the sun to be in Uttarayana for him to die freely. Maker sankranti is whispered to be a time for peace and wealth. On Makarsankranti many people take a holy dip in rivers, especially Yamuna, Krishna, Ganga, Kaveri, and also Godavari. The bathing is whispered to wash away sins.

This festival is enjoying various parts of south Asia with some difference district. There are different state different name of all festival so here we going to know you the name of Makar sankrantri different name.


India is a country of festivals as well as creative celebration which describes true colours of Indian tradition. And also in the primary month of New Year we welcome the primary Indian festivals like, Makarsankranti…

Makarsankranti various name in different sate

  • Uttaarayan in Gujarat
  • Thai pongal in Tamil nadu
  • Maghi in Haryana ,himachal Pradesh and Punjab and in Punjab some time before called {Lohri}
  • Bhogali bihu in Assam
  • Shishur saenkraat in Kashmir vale
  • Khichdi in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
  • Makara sankramana in Karnataka


Uttarayana festival is very famous in Gujarat in India. As well as Gujarati people eagerly wait for this festival for fly kites.Kites also called “patang”. The string often restrain harsh to cut down other people’s kites.

When people cut any kites they used to shout with words style “eee lappet” and “oyee phirki vet phirki”and “Kaypo j chhe” or “lappet lappet “in Guajarati.


We are enjoying well in Uttarayana festival but we have to take care of birds also… because of only for our enjoyment we never forget about their life…so here we have to take some care of birds life.

Uttarayana festival sweets….


There are so many festival started from the New Year and the first festival of New Year is Uttarayana. In Uttarayana all people, enjoying like any thing and for this festival all woman preparing sweet and spices at home like undhiyu-puri, jalebi, chikki and tal papdi, sherdi, bor, shingoda, jamfal , khichdo .

Pleases save birds in to uttaarayan festival

On Makarsankranti there are so many birds are killed as well as injured by people in many cities. Number of birds departs this life of disbelief after their injury… Our behavior are both shocking and very disgraceful and it time we do something to modify the condition. Every one of us would consent, that a birds flying in the sky is a great deal better-looking than when captured and kept in a cage. Yet, when we spoil in Uttarayana festival.We really not remember about very blameless beauty of the birds flying in the sky.

Please trying to “Save the Birds” during the kite flying festival…


Very happy “Makar Sankranti” wishes

A beautiful, bright and delighted day,

Sun entreated Makar to intense the day.

Crop harvested to cheer the smiles,

Come together and enjoy the life…


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