Reiki as a healing therapy can help in reducing stress
Reiki as a healing therapy can help in reducing stress

Reiki as a healing therapy

Since 1922 after the origination of Reiki by Japanese Buddhist it is considered by practitioners/healers Reiki as a healing therapy or alternative treatment by transforming energy from one body to another. A literal meaning of Reiki is “Universal life Energy”. It is believe to be that it is traditional method of making oneself stress free.

On other hand this is also very true that no scientific studies came up proving that whether this traditional method of healing or relaxing is effective or not but it is convincing to that some health professionals believe it may be useful in reducing stress and anxiety.

Stress and Reiki


In today’s world every single human is running for one or other thing, like success-in terms of name, fame and money, and this tendency of running over the things, force us to establish a routine which is full of stress. We think stress can be released by hanging out with friends, listening to music, early morning walk, picnic, trips and tours etc., yes these are options with us to get free from routine and stress out of it but “does it helps us to recover from same permanently?”- This question has taken a most awareness in today’s society and many researches are going on to create a stress free atmosphere. Beside all such temporary methods of getting relaxed it is observed by the health professionals that it is best to adopt Reiki as a healing therapy.

Numerous phase of modern life such as travelling, television, computers and the internet, video games, junk food, etc escort to increase in the air component in our bodies. This shows that every situation influence us very deeply, leaving us predisposed to stress, and depression and a lack of connection with our loved ones.

How Reiki works?


To experience the effect of the Reiki it becomes necessary to understand the concept of energy centers within human body. So mainly there are seven energy centers. And they are known as chakras, these seven chakras are do have name and specified colours depending upon their function to heal. Free flow of energy through these chakras is necessitated factor to be spiritually, physically and mentally healthy. It is believed that illness occurs due to blockages in the path of energy flow.

Reiki is an energy which works with a feel of a touch of an energy giver, or it also works without a feel of a touch of energy giver. This means that even distant Reiki can work effectively to heal so to have Reiki as a healing therapy distance cannot be an obstacle to a needy person. This gives you relief in pain and any illness by providing it energy to part feeling pain or illness in your body.

Object of Reiki to clarify the blockages from the chakras and heal the ailments. But nowadays it is also used to promote a positive mind and healthy body so that we all can experience a joy in life and this certainly increases age of a person and these can be considered as a stress free life and this proves that Reiki as a healing therapy.

Benefits of Reiki for healthy life


Reiki unlike other treatments and therapy works by restoring the balance on all levels and works directly on the problem and condition instead of just relieving from the symptoms. Listed below are the benefits of Reiki as a therapy.

  • Eradicates energy blockages and support to manage a balance between mind, body and moral fibre,
  • Increases energy levels,
  • Bottomless recreation and release of stress and tension can be experienced,
  • Purifies the brainpower and increases concentration power,
  • Self-healing ability is accelerated,
  • Better sleep can be experienced,
  • Blood pressure is maintained and regulated,
  • Promotes creativity,
  • Pain relief can be felt,
  • Boosts up the immune system,
  • It is a compliment to other medical treatment,
Reiki can treat symptoms of various ailments


The Reiki as a healing therapy certainly helps us in relieving from pain but beside that it is also observed about this method that it helps in curing many early as well as grown up symptoms of few ailments. Such diseases are listed below.

  • Migraines,
  • Flu, cough and cold,
  • Arthritic pain
  • Low self esteem,
  • Asthma,
  • Anxiety,
  • Ulcers,
  • Skin problems,
  • Back problems,
  • Depression, etc.,
When a Reiki treatment can be taken?


It is not defined anywhere or by anyone that when this method of Reiki as healing therapy can be used and when it is restricted not to take it’s treatment. Reiki should not be considered as a stand alone treatment. The role of this method of Reiki as a healing therapy is not restricted to treatment only but it can be taken also in below mentioned conditions.

  • To boost energy level,
  • At time of medication,
  • Not ill but want a relaxing treatment,
  • During the sessions of chemotherapy,
  • During pregnancy,
  • Even during a wish of conceiving,
  • At the of need of positivity,
  • And even many other situations as this is a traditional method or re-treatment of body, soul and spirit.  Thus it is said that Reiki as a healing therapy.


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