Sinus readucing juice

Recipe of Sinus reducing juice that help to get rid from sinus infection 

Juices which get rid of sinus contain lots of useful ingredient for example Ginger, Cucumber, celery, parsley, apples, orange, lemon, and also other Healthy vegetable and fruits. Juice which reduce sinus is also beneficial to improve taste buds and also raises immunity system. Ginger is the great food to reduce sinus infection, as it includes high quantity of antioxidant for example vitamin C. So, consume this fresh juice that help to improve eyes perk up. Lots of from use have experiencing infection of sinus; also we all wish to Reduce or remove this problem of Sinus Infection. Generally we all think about way to get rid from Sinus Infection. That’s here I discuss about the Recipe of Sinus reducing juice that help to reduce sinus congestion or infection of sinus.

Infection of sinus or sinus congestion is occurring when cavities near the nose become inflamed and also swollen. The medical name of sinus is Sinusitis. Sinus congestion or Sinus infection can also occur because of virus. In addition, it also occurs due to lasts long additional upper respiratory sign is gone. Bacteria or Fungus is also another cause of sinus infection. Further reasons for sinus infection are nasal deviated septum, tooth infection allergies and also polyps. So, here I mentioned information how to make juice which help get relief from sinus.

Juice that help to relief sinus congestion include very vital ingredient ginger, which is an warming ingredient. Fresh root of ginger is extremely more powerful compare to products insinuate.  Ginger also has property of anti-inflammatory and also has stomach calming effect. Sinus reducing juice is also including additional spice which provides you additional heat flavor to your mouth. So, you all can try this Juice recipe that reduces sinus congestion.

Below is two Delicious Juice that reduce Infection of Sinus

Recipe of Healthy sinus juice that help to reduce sinus congestion 

Sinus readucing juice

Ingredients for Sinus reducing juice

  • Orange (peeled) – One large
  • Apple sweet or tart (chopped) – One medium
  • Peeled lemon
  • Ginger (fresh) – 1 table spoon
  • Cayenne pepper spice

Direction to make Juice that reduce Sinus infection

  • Clean all ingredients
  • Then peel one nig orange and also peel half lemon, must remove lemon seeds. After Then cut apple and ginger in small pieces.
  • When we use citrus juicer than first make citrus juice and after then add ginger and apple juice.
  • And, if make juicer by using electric juicer and then directly add citrus with its pulp/skin. You get thicker juice.
  • Finally make juice of all ingredients and also continue until swirl the flavors.

Problem of spice: Whenever you experience that Sinus reducing juice is very strong or spicy compare then other juice, in this situation you can add sweet for example add extra 1 or 2 apple juice. Still, you found that juice is spicier then can also mix cucumber or celery juice.

Recipe of sinus congestion relieving Juice 

Sinus reducing juice


  • Apple – Two medium size
  • Celery stalk – Three large size
  • Cucumber – One
  • Root of Ginger
  • Lime – One
  • Parsley bunch – One
  • Spinach – Two cup

Direction to make juice to reduce sinus congestion

  • Wash all ingredients that use to make this Sinus reducing juice.
  • After that put all ingredients in juicer and make juice.
  • At latest shake the juice and finally drink this juice.


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