Tips for Navratri

Tips for Navratri for all Dandiya and Garba Players

Navratri is very famous festival among youth. It is a festival of devotion of Maa Durga. Navratri is almost near about and at that time many questions comes in the all Dandiya and Garba player’s mind. When we go for Garba we all must know about costume. Many of us get confuse about what to wear and what not to wear. So; here we give the Tips for Navratri for all. Everyone looks beautiful and gorgeous from others during Navratri. We all enjoy this festival with great joy. With the help of these tips you can get idea about your costume, hairstyle, jewellery and many other things.So, let’s have a look….

Tips for Navratri for Women:

Tips for Navratri

All women get confuse what to wear during these days. For Garba and Dandiya women can wear three piece dresses like chaniya or skirt, blouse decorated with embroideries and dupatta decorated with mirrior, shells and many other things. So it is all about costume but what about jewellery? So, you do not worry about it also. You can wear jewellery like, payal, necklace, earrings, chudas, kandora or kamarbandh and other things. So, select this thing for this Navratri for you this Dandiya or Garba.So, select below given costume for you in this Navratri.

Colourful Ghagra-Choli:
Tips for Navratri

Multi colour Ghagra-Choli is one of the very famous costumes among all women. By wearing this type of costume you look ethnic. It’s a just like chaniya choli. You can wear jewelleries like, payal, colourful bangles, kamarbandh as well as jhumkas. It is one very good Tips for Navratri.

Tips for Navratri

Lancha is another beautiful traditional costume for this Navratri. By wearing this you are the central attention all on Garba ground or dance floor.

Tips for Navratri

Chaniya-Choli is one of the various famous costumes among women during Navratri. You can wear Chaniya-Choli which is decorated with shells, mirrior and many other things. It is very appropriate costume for you for this Navratri seasons. You can wear Kamarbandh, Nose ring, kadas; necklace with Chaniya-Choli. This is very good Tips for Navratri for all women.

Tips for Navratri for Men:

Tips for Navratri

After giving tips for women now we give ideas about Men costume. Some of the men get confuse about what to wear in Garba.So, don’t get confuse. Here we give idea about the Navratri costume for all men.So, follow below Costume Tips for Navratri get handsome and cultural look for Garba and Dandiya.

Kurta and Pyjama:
Tips for Navratri

If you do not want to wear heavy costume then simply wear Kurta and Pyjama for this Navratri. It gives you ethnic and stylish look.

Tips for Navratri

This is very famous costume for among all men as well as traditional costume for Navratri.Kediyu is a just like short Kurta but it is flare at the bottom. It decorated just like a Chaniya Choli and colourful embroidery as well as mirror.So; it is very good Costume Tips for Navratri for all men.

Kafni and Pyjamas:
Tips for Navratri

If you want to look completely traditional then wear Kafni and Pyjamas in Navratri. Hence, Kafni and Pyjamas is very good choice for Dandiya and Garba. So, wear this and looking traditional in this Navratri.

Tips for Navratri

Tattoos are very famous among the youth for this Navratri. Therefore, Many of us make tattoos according to festivals. This Navratri you can make tattoo like, feathers of Peacock, flute, floral and many other tattoos. Generally we make this tattoo on neck, hand or back.

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