Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects
Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects

Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects

Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects – It was a drug that was developed originally in order to treat breast cancer and diabetes. However it was also to offer the patients an unexpected and beneficial side effect. Doctors and scientists have lately discovered that a single dose of Trodusquemine is completely reversing the side effects of atheroscleroisis. It is a disease define by fatty deposits that are inside the arteries which in turn raises the prospect of new preventive medicines for strokes and attacks.

Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of cholesterol plaque on the artery walls which has fatty deposits that hardens over time narrowing the arteries. Thus limiting the oxygen rich blood flow through the body and can lead to very serious health problems.

Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects – The main treatment for atherosclerosis is the lifestyle. Changes but scientists have also gone through many experimental technologies. That are a way of treating inflammation that associate with the condition over shorter time frame. This includes avocado compounds and biodegradable nano “drones” delivering anti-inflammatory drugs and dissolves in body.

Trodusquemine, a drug, is currently being test as a treatment for diabetes and breast cancer. It was however not so look upon before. But now at the University of Aberdeen the researchers have tested the drug on mice. With set in atherosclerosis to stimulate the condition in humans. They found that not only in reducing fatty plaques inside the arteries, but one off dose also seem to have the same effect as regular doses that were administered over time.

How did this happen?

Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects – The researchers find that the drug usually works so by blocking the enzyme called PTPIB, which is in increase amounts especially in people with diabetes, prolong inflammation and obesity. Moreover they also found that the drug called AMPK that mimics activity & exercise and while reducing chronic inflammation.

The drug, Trodusquemine is for various treatments of diabetes and breast cancer. But it is now the first time that it is been test and use in models of atherosclerosis. This has only been tested though at pre clinical levels in the mice. But the results so far have been quite impressive. Showing that the single dose of the drug could completely reverse the atherosclerosis effects. This done now the next step would be to test the ability of this particular drug to improve outcomes in human patients. That have developed arthrosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer Drug Shows Unexpected Fat Melting Side Effects. These were some of the views that were publish in the journal Clinical Sciences. By the lead researcher Professor Mirela Delibegovic.

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